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Posted on Oct 18, 2015

Alk (dk)
Álka (fo)
Razorbill (en)
Alca torda islandica Brehm, CL, 1831 (lat)

Lenght: 38-43 cm.
Status: Common partly migratory breeding bird and winter visitor
Number of breeding paris: 2.000 pairs < estimated by Jensen & Sørensen 2014
Occurrence: Whole year
Hunting season: 01.10 til 20.01
Number of eggs: 1 egg
Lice: See appendiks II
Ringing: 64
Recoveries abroad: 1 Norway
Foreign recoveries: 99 Iceland, 29 UK
Oldest known bird world wide: 42 year. Ældste færøske: 8 year 11 months
Remark: This subspecies is breeding in Iceland, Faroe Islands and the British Isles

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