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Jens-Kjeld Jensen is an honorary doctor from Fróðskaparsetur Føroya/the University of the Faroes. Jens-Kjeld is Danish, but has lived in the Faroes on the island of Nólsoy for more than 40 years. He written about birds, butterflies, lice, fleas, plants, hoverflies, blowflies, ticks, and fossils and much more in a total of 16 books, booklets, and chapters in books, 32 peer-reviewed publications, 150 popularized articles in journals and magazines, as well as more than 500 newspaper articles.



Søren Sørensen lives in Denmark, but the Faroes hold a special place in his ornithological heart. His great interest and devotion to birds has produced extensive bird-, nature-, and culture guides around the world, but he still finds great pleasure on his regular visits on the Faroes. For almost 35 years he has collaborated with the Danish Ornithological Association to document and describe rare and semi-rare birds. In his authorship he highlights the book Birds in the North Atlantic (Fuglar í Norðurhøvum), which he co-authored with Dorete Bloch